Walking Africa for Autism

The Project 

Walking Autism is a Project to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism and other disabilities through  the African continent, focusing on impoverished areas where knowledge, education, support and  information is lacking.

Walking with camels carrying the luggage for easier access to the remote areas, better communications  with the general public, and a wider reach.

Giving talks at schools, clinics, faith based groups, communities and the general public. Creating ways to offer support in communities, families and through the Government

Emphasizing the importance of education, creating support and a way for people to understand and  work with autism and other disabilities. De-stigmatizing and ending discrimination of people and  encourage communities to work together.Create support systems and encourage for more education  through the media

Autism & disabilities in Africa

Disabilities in Africa are still quite an untouched subject, more so in the rural, impoverished areas,  where the means of education, support & understanding are few. Often a child born with disabilities  will not receive any schooling, due to the lack in education on disabled persons.

An adult with disabilities will not be able to gain employment or be finically stable. Stigma and discrimination are high in some areas and attitudes of witchcraft are prevalent. In extreme cases, disabled persons are abused, both physically, sexually and/or murdered.